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Madukkur.com is hosted for the best interest of madukkurians. It aims to bring all madukkurians living in homeland, India and around the world together to share our views & news,  help each others and support others. People  new to Madukkur can know more about Madukkur and its people. Western Matriculation School- Admisssion is open from LKG to 9 th Std.

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In countries like UAE, madukkurians are bring their family on visit and send them back after some times  because of education and other reasons.. Members can read if they want or transfer flat or buy and sell  house hold items by posting/viewing  items wanted or available for sales and if they  like to transfer the flat to fellow madukkurians, or to sell the house hold items or  they need them they can do by posting to items to sell/wanted.


Now Madukkur is witnessing the new wave of young generation. They are well educated and some times experienced. They are looking for the members to place them in right place. The members looking for the job can post the resume by  visiting our job site. Our members can view the poll of resumes and can help them by placing them.


Our country's success is depends on our  good politicians and individual success is depend on our children. Members can view the election results and examination results by our site. Members want to know current news can read news paper by link dailythanthi, dinamalar, dinamani, dinakaran, tamilmurasu , weekly magazines by link kumudam, ananthavikatan, and financial news by link economic times, capital market , money control. Of course the bank links are me bank-uae, NBAD-uae, Icicibank and Icicidirect.

Traveling is everyone's dream. Members can view the schedules, availability of  all travel means by visiting Indian Railway, Emirates Air Lines, Thai Airlines, Air IndiaIndian Airlines ,Air India Express and Air Arabia. Members can view and send email by their personal emails like hotmail.com, yahoo.com and gmail.com.

Members whose children are studying in the western matriculation school or intend to admit their children can  visit the westernschool to know more about the school and news. The school is having curriculum to prepare the children to meet the future challenges by igniting their minds and enabling the visions. More links to know  about the students performance and results available from the school will be posted here. Parents can contact the principal to know about their wards progress by sending principal@westernschool.madukkur.com.

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